Music Saves

Well, I did it again… At bible study we were talking about ways God reaches people, and we got into musical choices… When they asked me what music spoke to me, I answered honestly. Evanescence, 30 Seconds to Mars, Maroon 5, and Fall Out Boy were a few bands who spoke to me and I was met with outrage. Where I was at one point in my life, gospel music didn’t reach me. It said absolutely nothing to me. However, Tourniquet, Kings and Queens, She Will Be Loved, and Alone Together, speak volumes. I didn’t listen to gospel music because I felt as though none them could see me; that none of them even knew I exsisted. A lot of gospel music still feels like sometimes. I didn’t, and don’t, want to hear how perfect your life is. I want to know you’ve been where I am now. I want to know how it is you got out. Singing a song about how you love God’s children is completely different than singing a song that finds God’s children and brings them peace and a light to lead them out of the darkness. Every time I listened to Tourniquet and Kings and Queens, especially, I felt like they could see me. They knew where I was and they were coming to get me. That meant a lot to someone who imprisoned themselves in their own mind. I don’t understand how people can be so upset that I didn’t find encouragement in only gospel. God is pretty powerful guy, right? So, whats stopping him from using more than one genre to reach someone? Imagine the fuss I got when I asked that question.
What speaks to me may not always speak to you, and vice versa. Music is one of the few things I encourage people to hop around with; taste everything. Your voice is in the notes somewhere, and you will find it. Don’t demean or discourage someone who doesn’t find encouragement in your preferred genre. I will admit, not all music out there is attached to a positive source, but that does not mean all music aside from gospel is devoid of love, enlightenment, and encouragement.


I hope you rang in the new year with plenty of smiles, if not, here’s a little something I hope will help; 2014 is just a number. You’re worth so much more than a simple resolution. Make this year The Year of You. I read a wonderful quote on the first that said this is page one of an unwritten 365 page book, make it a good one. There is nothing that says this is the year you fail. You can do all things you set your mind to, I know you can. You want to know how I know? Because you’ve made it this far. You could’ve ended it all last year. You could’ve jumped off that bridge, taken those pills, driven into traffic, but you didn’t, and that says you can do this. Life does not control you, you have to control it, and with help, it will get better. Happy New Year, darling, you deserve it.

The Easy Way Out

It’s so much easier to say “I’m fine” than to tell someone “I’m not okay. Can I talk to you?” Saying that you’re fine allows you protect yourself. It keeps you from getting hurt by someone you love. I lie so much about being okay hoping that one day it’ll come true. I don’t want to burden the people around me with what’s inside my head. I don’t want to be laughed at, or judged, or pushed aside… Saying “I’m not okay” out loud frightens me. Why is it so much easier to lie?

The best way to…

The best way to make it through with hearts and wrists intact, is to realize that two out of three ain’t bad.

A line from a Fall Out Boy song titled Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name Of This Song So We Wouldn’t Get Sued (Me and You). Long title, I know, but if you know the band, you know how they are with naming songs. This line made me feel so light when I first heard it. I know many people, myself included, though not to the same extent, who have cut themselves and hearing that line gave me hope. I knew then that the people I loved would make it through all right. That we all will.