A Momentous Moment for Me


I know I haven’t given you much about myself, but this is one thing that means a lot to me. I’ve never liked the color of my skin. I’ve always found brown to be ugly and unwanted by everyone.. Hollywood and video games especially.. Avatar: the Last Airbender (NOT the movie) eased my hatred slightly with how well the characters who shared my skin color were portrayed. And then my husband bought me a Nintendo 3DS and Pokemon X… If you’ve never played Pokemon, it goes like this; you get to pick your name and gender and that’s it. You run around as a little Asian boy, regardless. The newer generations of the game let you pick between a true male and female character who are still either Asian or white… But this version? After I got to pick my name and gender it asked me to pick the avatar that looked most like me, and there she was. An avatar that looked like me. I actually got excited. It’s the first time in a game like this that I get to feel like I belong there. Yes, other games let you pick a skin color but the choices rarely match real people. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that even though I don’t see myself as others do, someone else thinks I’m important.

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